Portable software

Because of the popularity of pendrive (or thumb drive, or handy drive), there are a lot of “portable software“. I also like portable software. Because, it makes my computer clean without installation and without affecting the windows registry.

When we install a program to our computer, most of the time the windows registry will be added some data. However, when we unstiall the program, the data remain in the registry.

Therefore, I always use Universal Extractor to extract the downloaded installation file. So that, the files will be extracted, and I can move the files and folders to some where I like, even to a pendrive. Universal Extractor itself no needs installation.

However, because of the packaging of the installation file, sometimes Universal Extractor cannot work. Then, I use Sandboxie to run the installation file. After that, I can move the file from the Sandboxie’s content folder to other place I like. However, Sandboxie needs installation. That means, you need to have administrator right to install Sandboxie. Besides that, because it really runs the installation file, you also need the administrator right for these installation.

Sandboxie is really wonderful for me. Because after installation, I can see how are the effects to the computer from the Sandboxie’s content folder. Sometimes, the installation not only creates a folder at the “Program Files”, it also creates files to other place such as “Program Files\Common Files”. Besides that, using Sandboxie, it will not affect the real windows registry.

However, not every program can be installed as portable software using Universal Extractor or Sandboxie. Because some programs really need the integration with the windows system. Such as Microsoft Office, Java Runtime Environment, .NET Framework, IE7 and else. For small applications which is independent, they can be installed as portable software.

Therefore, if you want to install a program to your computer which you want to fully integrated with windows system, then you no need to install it as portable software using Sandboxie. For example, Orbit Downloader is a download manager, it should be integrate with the internet browser and capture the download link. However, if I install it as portable software, because this will not modify the windows registry, then Orbit Downloader will not integrate with the internet browser.

Choose the way you like for your software.


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