Recently read the news about Dalai Lama, then I searched something about reincarnation.

As a Catholic, I do not believe about “reincarnation“. However, we might hear people claim that they have the past memories from the previous life. Is this really heapen? If you are a Catholic, how do you explain this? The memories may be fake, but how if it is really correct?

So, this is only my own opinion. We know that, the material world is worked in cycle. A man died, then the body decomposed, and become part of the soil. Then the plants get the nutrients from the soil, and plants are eaten by herbivores. And the herbivores become part of the food chain. Human beings eat the food, and the nutrients become part of the human body. Then, human beings give birth for the new lives. In my opinion, this is the reincarnation of the body.

How about the memory? I also don’t know how to explain this. In my opinion, the brain is also part of the material world. Therefore, because of some coincidence, the information still remain inside the brain.

Please reprove my idea if I am wrong or say out your opinion.


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