Video software

Reply to hobbestheteddybearkiller:

What functions you need? Play video, edit video, convert video?

To play the video, the best one I like is K-Lite Mega Codec. It can play rmvb, dvd, vcd, mkv, ogm, flv, and other common media files. Also play the audio files. I think, it is the best of the best. However, if you are using it to play QuickTime .mov file, there may got some problems. Because I tried using to play the .mov file which is recorded by the digicam, it had no sound.

Other common players I know, but I don’t use are VLC Player and GOM Player.

To convert video… mmm… Because it is time consuming, so I do not look for them much… So, common freeware are TMPGEnc and Prism. I tried Prism, it is fast and good to use. However, you need to download the codec if it is needed. RAD Video Tools is not bad also. But it can only convert to .avi but using different installed codec for compression.

I don’t look for any software that can convert .flv.

For video editing… I found that, they said the best freeware is the built-in tool of Windows XP, the Windows Movie Maker. The most popular open source freeware is VirtualDub, but I prefer the modified one, VirtualDubMod. But I didn’t tried its function. I like Movica, it is fast to split the file. Very good. But, it requires .NET Framework.

Whoever has other suggestions, please share it here. Thanks


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