Catholic parents should know

I don’t know what title should this be.

I just read the RSS news, and found that there is a film called “The Golden Compass” which is based on the book. The conclusion of the news is, parents are not recommended to allow their children to watch the film and read the book.

The following is the quote:

It’s not OK for children — impressionable as they are — to read stories in which the plot revolves around the supreme blasphemy, namely, that God is a liar and a mortal. It is not appropriate for children to read books in which the heroine is the product of adultery and murder; priests act as professional hit men, torturers and authorize occult experimentation on young children; an ex-nun engages in occult practices and promiscuous behavior, and speaks of it openly with a 12-year-old couple; and the angels who rebel against God are good, while those who fight on God’s side are evil. This is wrong. And while it’s been softened in the movie — or at least that’s what Hollywood is telling us — it’s still there in the books.
(Quoted from:

To read more, click here:
What Every Parent Should Know About “The Golden Compass”


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