Comic reviews: Funny comics I had read

There are 2 comics (or manga) that I would like to introduce. They are too funny, that I read and laugh non-stop.

The following order is my ranking from top to down:

  1. High School Girls 女子高生 – Very funny. I think it is shojo manga (girl’s comic). I think it is more suitable for adults. The story talks about high school girls, who study in girls’ high, and how desperate they are. And, if you are a male, you will found that, those girls are really unexpectable when there is no male…
  2. Yakitate! Japan 日式麵包王 – This manga is already completed. I like the main character. A combination of idiot and genius. The supporting character is really funny. The theory inside the story is very logic, but the story is too illogic, especially almost at the end of the comic. The story talks about “roti” (bread).

You can click and read online. It is chinese translation.

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