Online comic tips

When you read online comic (or online manga), do you find that it is slow to load image when you click the next page? And do you feel incovenient to use your web browser to read comic, because image is small, and cannot scroll the page easily?

Why don’t you download the images and view with your “comic reader”?

To download the images, there are 2 problems.

First problem, which is solvable:
The webpage disallow you to right-click. Disable the right-click disallow you to see the image property, so that you cannot get the filename and the URL address. Filename and URL address are important for this tips. Therefore, your goal is to get the filename and URL address.

To get it, you can use Maxthon 2, which enable you to “copy image url” when you “mouse over” the image. It is very convenient. I don’t know whether IE7 support this or not.

Or you can use Firefox. There are many ways to get the filename and URL using Firefox. I just suggest several ways. Install Image Toolbar plugin, which will provide similar function as Maxthon. Or install Greasemonkey, and then install Anti-Disabler script, so that you can right-click to get the image property.

There are many other ways. You can use alternative web-browser such as Advant Browser. Or install Trixie for your IE so that can install Anti-Disabler script. Or using Firefox and try to read the page source and find the filename and URL address.

Second problem, also the second step:
After you get the filename, you need to check whether the filenames are in sequence or not. If the filename is not sequence, then I think you need to search an alternative online comic website that has the comic you want.

After you found the filename is in sequence, use the downloader that has “batch download” function. I suggest Free Download Manager. Because it provides best batch download I need. Using batch download, you can download the whole sequence of the image. Then, you can read the comic using ComicsViewer which I suggested.

About the sequence, there are 4 things that you need to notice: Start, end, step and wildcard. Start is the first filename. End is the last filename. Step is the next step of the filename, such as increment by 1. Wildcard is the “digit” of the filename.

The example of sequence:

  • 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, …, 10.jpg – The step will be “1”. Wildcard will be “1”, because it starts from “1” digit.
  • pic001.jpg, pic002.jpg, pic003.jpg, …, pic123.jpg – The step will be 1. Wildcard will be 3, because it start from 3 digits.
  • 000001.jpg, 001002.jpg, 002003.jpg, … – The step will be “1001”, just subtract the filename, you will get this. Wildcard will be 6.

There might be some files not in sequence, which you need to download manually. Please figure out how to do this using Free Download Manager by yourself.

Note: It is quite time consuming to describe step by step. But really hope that this really help.

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