Mozilla Archive Format (MAF) plugin: Cannot open .mht file

Recently, I found that, I cannot open “.mht” file directly using Firefox. Previously, once I installed Mozilla Archive Format, there is no problem to open .mht file. But now, I just drag and drop a .mht file, it will pop up the “Open with…” dialog. Very incovenient. So I search for the solution from internet. However, I cannot find anything.

Lastly, I go to Mozilla Addons website to search any plugin that can edit MIME. Because I read the forum, they said it is because of the problem of MIME. So I found a plugin, MIME Edit. Yes, using the plugin, I can edit the file type for the Firefox. So, I change the “maf” (Mozilla Archive Format) related data, to “open using default application”. Then, problem solved.

Note: What is “.mht” format? Don’t know whether you know or not. When we are using IE to save a webpage, by default, the saved file will generate a folder which has the same name with the .htm file. And inside the folder, there are a lot of related files, such as image files and .js (javascript) files. So, when you save the file, you can change the file type to .mht file. The .mht file is the archive file of all the .htm, image files and .js files. And, just double click the .mht file, by default, it will be opened by IE. For me, it is very convenient to save the file as .mht, because it is light.


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