Problem: svchost.exe crashed, lsass.exe high CPU usage, cannot play audio

Today, I got a great problem! First, svchost.exe crashed with the message “The exception unknown aoftware exception (0x0000409) occured in the application at location 0x5b86a3c0”. And this happened when I connected the internet. After the message, I found that my computer was slow down. Then I opened the task manager to see what happened. Then, I found that “lsass.exe” has high CPU usage. This was the problem.

So, I afraid that it was virus. Then I scanned for spyware and virus. But found nothing. So I searched for the solution from internet…

Furthermore, after the svchost.exe is crashed, I could not play any audio file.

The final solution is Windows Update. So, download KB291883, the problem is solved.

I suspect, it was caused by the remote code execution through internet, something like hacked. But this is only the suspicion.


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