Online game

These days, I try to play online game. The reason I play online game is because I like game hacking (memory editing to edit the game data). But I tried this before for online game, it is different from the offline game. Ordinary memory editing cannot modify the game data. And I searched for some information for online game cheating.

After I got the tools to edit online game, I need to download a free online game first. Suggested from my friend, MU Online is popular. However, after I installed, it has the cheat protection. Therefore, I continued to search for other online game. I played chinese online game before, so I searched for the free online chinese game again.

So, now I am playing ChunQiu Q Legend (tranlsated by me, actually is 春秋Q傳). Though it does not have any cheat protection like MU Online, I still cannot use the cheat tools to edit the game. So, lastly I give up online game cheating. And I continue to play the online game.

Currently, online game is very good (I personally feel it), because it has the anti-addiction system (防沉迷), so that the users cannot spend too much time to play the online game. For example, the ChunQiu I played, I can only spend 3 hours to play per day. After that, the system will tell me I am currently in the tired status, all the experiences the character gain will cut into half, it is meaningless to continue playing.

I like to focus in one game. So, the anti-addiction system is effective for me.

Free chinese online game:


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