Laptop battery

I got one friend, his laptop is newer than mine. However, the battery is already working bad. The battery will lost the power quickly. But my laptop’s battery still can work about 1 hour plus.

And I just read about lithium-ion battery (which is used in laptop, PDA, and handphone). The following is the quotation from

Lithium ion chemistry prefers partial discharge to deep discharge, so it’s best to avoid taking the battery all the way down to zero. Since lithium-ion chemistry does not have a “memory”, you do not harm the battery pack with a partial discharge. If the voltage of a lithium-ion cell drops below a certain level, it’s ruined.

Lithium-ion batteries age. They only last two to three years, even if they are sitting on a shelf unused. So do not “avoid using” the battery with the thought that the battery pack will last five years. It won’t. Also, if you are buying a new battery pack, you want to make sure it really is new. If it has been sitting on a shelf in the store for a year, it won’t last very long. Manufacturing dates are important.

So, just try to save the battery life yourself.


Online comic tips

When you read online comic (or online manga), do you find that it is slow to load image when you click the next page? And do you feel incovenient to use your web browser to read comic, because image is small, and cannot scroll the page easily?

Why don’t you download the images and view with your “comic reader”?

To download the images, there are 2 problems.

First problem, which is solvable:
The webpage disallow you to right-click. Disable the right-click disallow you to see the image property, so that you cannot get the filename and the URL address. Filename and URL address are important for this tips. Therefore, your goal is to get the filename and URL address.

To get it, you can use Maxthon 2, which enable you to “copy image url” when you “mouse over” the image. It is very convenient. I don’t know whether IE7 support this or not.

Or you can use Firefox. There are many ways to get the filename and URL using Firefox. I just suggest several ways. Install Image Toolbar plugin, which will provide similar function as Maxthon. Or install Greasemonkey, and then install Anti-Disabler script, so that you can right-click to get the image property.

There are many other ways. You can use alternative web-browser such as Advant Browser. Or install Trixie for your IE so that can install Anti-Disabler script. Or using Firefox and try to read the page source and find the filename and URL address.

Second problem, also the second step:
After you get the filename, you need to check whether the filenames are in sequence or not. If the filename is not sequence, then I think you need to search an alternative online comic website that has the comic you want.

After you found the filename is in sequence, use the downloader that has “batch download” function. I suggest Free Download Manager. Because it provides best batch download I need. Using batch download, you can download the whole sequence of the image. Then, you can read the comic using ComicsViewer which I suggested.

About the sequence, there are 4 things that you need to notice: Start, end, step and wildcard. Start is the first filename. End is the last filename. Step is the next step of the filename, such as increment by 1. Wildcard is the “digit” of the filename.

The example of sequence:

  • 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, …, 10.jpg – The step will be “1”. Wildcard will be “1”, because it starts from “1” digit.
  • pic001.jpg, pic002.jpg, pic003.jpg, …, pic123.jpg – The step will be 1. Wildcard will be 3, because it start from 3 digits.
  • 000001.jpg, 001002.jpg, 002003.jpg, … – The step will be “1001”, just subtract the filename, you will get this. Wildcard will be 6.

There might be some files not in sequence, which you need to download manually. Please figure out how to do this using Free Download Manager by yourself.

Note: It is quite time consuming to describe step by step. But really hope that this really help.

Comic reviews: Funny comics I had read

There are 2 comics (or manga) that I would like to introduce. They are too funny, that I read and laugh non-stop.

The following order is my ranking from top to down:

  1. High School Girls 女子高生 – Very funny. I think it is shojo manga (girl’s comic). I think it is more suitable for adults. The story talks about high school girls, who study in girls’ high, and how desperate they are. And, if you are a male, you will found that, those girls are really unexpectable when there is no male…
  2. Yakitate! Japan 日式麵包王 – This manga is already completed. I like the main character. A combination of idiot and genius. The supporting character is really funny. The theory inside the story is very logic, but the story is too illogic, especially almost at the end of the comic. The story talks about “roti” (bread).

You can click and read online. It is chinese translation.

Catholic parents should know

I don’t know what title should this be.

I just read the RSS news, and found that there is a film called “The Golden Compass” which is based on the book. The conclusion of the news is, parents are not recommended to allow their children to watch the film and read the book.

The following is the quote:

It’s not OK for children — impressionable as they are — to read stories in which the plot revolves around the supreme blasphemy, namely, that God is a liar and a mortal. It is not appropriate for children to read books in which the heroine is the product of adultery and murder; priests act as professional hit men, torturers and authorize occult experimentation on young children; an ex-nun engages in occult practices and promiscuous behavior, and speaks of it openly with a 12-year-old couple; and the angels who rebel against God are good, while those who fight on God’s side are evil. This is wrong. And while it’s been softened in the movie — or at least that’s what Hollywood is telling us — it’s still there in the books.
(Quoted from:

To read more, click here:
What Every Parent Should Know About “The Golden Compass”

Memory Editor

I don’t know whether you know about Memory Editor (or some people call it Memory Scanner) or not. It is an application that usually used when playing PC games.

Using Memory Editor, you can modify your character HP (Hit Point), money, and else. And if you are very good in memory editing, you might also review the secret items, secret characters.

I like to use Memory Editor. Because, I don’t like to waste too much time to level up my character. I feel that doing this is wasting my life. However, I like story of the games, that is why I modify a bit which will not destroy the fun of the game play, such as modify the experience of the characters.

Besides, that, I just like to search those address that stores the data. So that I can see how the programmers of the game design the data structure.

I used GameMaster before. During that time, it was really good. Because it provides very usable interface, especially in version 8.0. Furthermore, it provides some easy to use function which can sequencely modify a block of memory. For example, all the items of an RPG game can just appear using one command. Great! However, it is not a freeware. But you could still download GameMaster 8.0 somewhere else (I don’t know you can find it or not, because it is quite a few years matter).

After GameMaster, I swap to ArtMoney, which is freeware. Why I want freeware? Because I can just download new version when it is released. ArtMoney, though not usable as GameMaster and cannot modify a block of memory with one command, it provides more advanced function than GameMaster. ArtMoney is able to search many types of data, including 4-byte float, 8-byte float, search the memory for Flash game, search the memory of several emulators. Besides that, another powerful, but I not often use, because it is too hard to use, is to search the pointer. This is because, some of the game, for instance Warcraft 3, the memory is dynamically allocated, memory address will change from time to time. However, the pointer is always same, therefore, using this function, you can always target the memory address. However, for the usability aspect, it lose a lot compared with GameMaster.

So, since I learnt programming language, why don’t I just create my own Memory Editor, with the ArtMoney powerful searching method and GameMaster easy to use interface? So, I searched quite a lot of information. The followings are some very good websites describe how to create a Memory Editor:
This is chinese one. Provides the idea.
This is a forum, which discuss some important point, such as VirtualQueryEx.
This one, is the best one. However, it is written in VB. I prefer C++, so, I need to translate it into C++. If you prefer VB, go ahead.
Chinese one. This one is not very good, but it uses MASM (assembly language) to describe. For me, it is too be translated to C++.
This one is quite good, and if you have the account, you can download the source code.

I had tried to create the program, by following the VB source code. However I failed. I don’t know why. I thought I had done something wrong about ReadProcessMemory(). Finally, I found the solution. It is not ReadProcessMemory() that made me failed. It is because, my searching method using C++ is wrong. So, the conclusion is, follow the descriptions, you surely can ReadProcessMemory(), only the searching method, you might need to figure it out your own method.

Sabbath and Sunday

I don’t know every body know this or not. Just one to share, because I taugth catechism before, and taught the children about this.

Sabbath is acutally Saturday. If follow the Jewish custom, it is from Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. Because, for Jewish, a day start from sunset. That is why we celebrate sunset mass on Saturday and it fulfils the Sunday obligation. And, Sabbath is the day of rest.

Why Sabbath is the day of rest? I don’t know why. But this is a marvellous thing. We know God created the world using 7 days, and Sabbath day is the 7th day. On the 6th day God created the human beings, and Jesus on Friday (6th day) suffered for human beings. God rested on the 7th day, and Jesus rested in the tomb on Saturday. Then on Sunday, Jesus raised from the dead, which the Sunday is the 1st day of creation, and Jesus re-created the whole world through His resurrection.

How nice it is.