Free download managers review

Recently, I just found that, don’t know why, Orbit Downloader cannot resume the downloaded file. Therefore, I need to search for alternative download manager.

I need several downloaders. This is because, for the downloader, the files need to be queued in the download manager. This is not convenient for me to download a sequence of images, while need to download other stuffs.

So, again, Free Download Manager, which is very useful for batch downloading. Besides that, you can adjust the protocol, such as change the user agent to IE5, Netcape, Opera and else. Changing user agent will let the server identify it as the web browser browsing the page. Furthermore, you can also specify the referrer, because some website will detect the referrer so that there is no hotlink (steal the link). It is the most flexible download manager, and it is also portable.

Next, Orbit Downloader. Since it cannot resume, I also don’t know why. But, its powerful function is to download from a lot of protocols which are not supported by other freeware: HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP, RTMP.

FlashGet. Nothing special for me. But if you often browse the chinese website, and need to download software from chinese website, you might face the problem of “flashget://” protocol. Then this is the solution. Similar with FlashGet, which is also used by chinese users, is Thunder (Xunlei), it supports “thunder://” protocol.

Because I need to find alternative downloader for Orbit Downloader, then I found this one: wxDownload Fast. Simple and easy to use. The only problem is hard to adjust bandwidth control, need to click a lot. The benefit is it provides portable version. Its portable version unlike Free Download Manager, the temporary file (unfinished downloading file) is inside its directory. That means, you can continue download the file wherever you put your program, because the partial downloaded file is always there. This leads to the problem of storage space. If the program is stored inside a limited storage pendrive, then, you cannot download a very big size file. Just use other downloader to solve this problem.

Other free download managers:


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