Dealing with Toshiba Satellite M200

I don’t like Windows Vista, now. I don’t mean that I will remain dislike Vista in future. Why? I only tried a while. I feel that its greatest change is the interface change. And found that, it cannot run several applications which I can run in Windows XP.

So, I go to search about comparison of Vista and XP. Click here to see.

But it does not relate to this article much.

Toshiba Satellite M200 is installed with Windows Vista Basic. However, because of many reasons, I degraded it with Windows XP. But, then is the driver problem. Toshiba only provides the drivers for Windows Vista. Therefore, I needed to search for the drivers from internet. That was a very big problem.

I forgot where I downloaded the files. I just list down the name for several important drivers. I think you can search the filenames for the driver.

The audio driver, touchpad driver, Toshiba modem driver, and Flash Memory driver provided by Toshiba can be installed for Windows XP. Click here.

However, the only problem after installed all drivers was that the “Fn keys” cannot work properly. That means, using Windows XP, cannot adjust the brightness of the LCD screen anymore. That is very very very sad.

I tried to search from internet for the solution, but there are only solutions for Linux, not XP. So, in order to solve this problem, I can only adjust the brightness using the Intel Graphic Adapter driver. This is the only solution for me. I really hope that Toshiba will release the drivers for the Windows XP, and also the keyboard driver.

To adjust the brightness using Intel graphic driver:
After install the graphic driver, go to Control Panel and choose the “Intel(R) GMA Driver for Mobile“. Go to “Color Correction” and adjust the brightness.

[Update: 1/1/2008]
For audio and modem drivers, please read my the other post.


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