A very bad experience for updating BIOS

I will remind myself, “do not try to update BIOS by myself anymore”. This is a very bad experience. Because update not success, then hard disk not detected. What can I do? Data corrupted? Don’t know.

But fortunately, everything recovered. I don’t know why. Just insert the BIOS update CD again, then everything failed again with new error, and restart and detect the hard disk. What can I say? Stupid vendor or stupid me?

Why I want to update? Like what I said, the Fn Key is not function. Cannot adjust brightness, my eyes feel not comfortable. So, search and search and search, the only solution is because of BIOS. Then download the update file, read carefully the instruction. Pray and hope all can work. But still get error.

I want to say: @!#&#$&!%*

[Update: 1/1/2008]
Yes, I am stupid. The hard disk could not detect was not caused by BIOS update. It is a stupid person (me), installed an incompatible Toshiba Utility. The utility will change the BIOS setting. And after I remove the utility, no more error “BIOS changed” or “No hard drive detected” when booting into Windows.


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