Humble heart

I was an altar server (I use “was” because I do not serve mass as altar server like before anymore). One main thing I learn from the Guild of St Stephen (Archconfraternity of St Stephen) is: Humbleness. I like this virtue, because it is opposite to pride.

Humble should come from our heart that we truly admit our lowliness. It is not, we pretend to be humble so that everybody like us. It is, we truly act humbly even everybody dislike us.

For an altar server, especially when we serve mass, it is very important to be humble. We should work “behind” to help the priest celebrate the mass. We should not show off ourselves during the mass. We should not attract the congregation to look at what were we doing.

Why we need to be humble as a Christian? The King was coming as a servant, the God became Man. This is how humble works. As an altar server, one should serve instead of be served. As Christians, this is what we should follow.


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