Bandwidth calculation

Because last time, the internet connection was too poor. So I wanted to look for alternative ISP. Then, I asked and asked. And always asked about the speed. Then, they always gave me the speed with unit “bps” (bit per second). What is this?

Most of the time, when we download, we will see the download speed, that is using kb/s (kilobyte per second). So, I search through internet, how to convert bps to kb/s.

So, this page (Convert bps into KB/s) explains clearly. So, if we subscribe the speed which is 512 kbps, that means we can download about 64 kb/s in full speed.

And sometimes, they told me a strange bandwidth speed, such as 1 gig. So, what is 1 gig, gigabyte or giga-bit (bps)? So confusing.

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