Chinese Bible

There are many translations of English bible. There are RSV (Revised Standard Version), NAB (New American Bible), New Jerusalem Bible, Jerusalem Bible, Christian Community Bible, and etc. Even Chinese bible got several translations.

I prefer 思高譯本 (Studium Biblicum) for the Chinese translation. The translation is used in the readings of the Chinese mass. But, these years, I heard another translation. I don’t know what is the name of the translation. Inside the translation, the name of James is translated as 雅格 instead of 雅各伯, Peter as 伯鐸 instead of 伯多祿。But this translation I only heard in daily mass, not Sunday mass.

Is the translation important? I personally feel yes. Because like James, Chinese translation is 雅各伯 which is same as Jacob, from that, we can know that James is a variation of Jacob. But, in my opinion, only read one type of translation is not enough.

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