Human and Cell

Human being is consists of cells. Each type of cells can be differentiated by its functions. Each cell cannot think like a human think. However, human can think because of the systematic organisation of the cells. Human can live because each of the cells plays its own role. If a cell does not function or malfunction, it will become a cancer. And human needs to destroy the cancer so that the cancer will not spread to other cells and he can live.

But, how are human beings? Each human has his own abilities like a cell has its own functions. Human beings can form a systematic community. Everybody contributes to the community as the cell contributes to the whole body. Everybody plays his own role for the common good of the community. Though there are many persons, there should be only one mind. Just like there are many parts of the body, but the whole body only has one mind. Therefore, the community, like a person has a mind with many parts of the body, can live.

But, how is the community in our world? Everybody only thinks about himself. Everybody only looks for his own good. Everyone betrays each other because of selfishness. People like to divide according to race, religious or language. In each race or religious or language, they still want to divide among each other. They will be divided into families. And in each family, they will be divided into an individual. This is because of the selfishness. But, can a cell live? Yes, only if the cell is unicell organism. But what a unicell can do?

A person, even though he can do anything and he knows everything, he is still only a person. Though he can do anything, he can only do one thing at a time. Though he knows everything, he does not contribute anything if he do not transmit his knowledge to others and next generation. One person working will not better than ten persons working together with one heart. This is the limitation of “a person”. Unless that person can multiply himself, and all of the replicas have one heart like a community has one mind. But, is this possible? May be this is why human want to do the research about cloning human being. But, each person has his own abilities. The replication only duplicates the same abilities and same weaknesses, unless the person is a perfect man.

Today, it is hardly to find a person can sacrifice himself for the good of the community. Most of the people only look for their own good. Imagine that if one of your cells, take all the nutrients from the other cells, how can you live? You can live because your cells support each other. Besides that, old cells died, new cells born. This is just like old generations pass away, and new generation comes into the world. The material resources and knowledges are passed down to the new generation. Human beings should not only support each other, they should also need to think for the next generation, so that the community can live.

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