Simplified chinese or traditional chinese?

Actually, I personally prefer traditional chinese. Because the character is more complicate, and look prettier than simplified chinese. And besides that, the traditional chinese character provides better meaning in the presentation of the character itself. Especially the character “love”, 愛,in traditional chinese, the centre of it is 心,that means we love with our heart. However, the simplified chinese is 爱, which doesn’t have the 心 at the centre.

Another important reason is the surname. When I was young, I was taught to write the surname in simplified chinese, that is 钟. The traditioanl chinese of 钟 is both 鍾 and 鐘. While both meanings are different. Therefore, in computer, the simplified chinese of 鍾 becomes 锺, instead of 钟. So, that is why I prefer traditional chinese, because of the surname problem.

However, I admit that, I can find a lot of stuffs from China websites. Therefore, I set my Windows XP in simplified chinese language, so that there is no problem when installing the programs.

For the Windows XP, we can solve the problem of the simplified chinese and traditional chinese by installing AppLocale. Using this program, we can view the Big5 coding (traditional chinese) without changing the language setting. However, AppLocale will prompt an annoyance dialog box. So, I install pAppLocale, a modified version. pAppLocale is better.


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