I read a news. Here.

We never know the name of God in this life, since He is mysterious. Whatever we call Him, “God”, “Lord”, “天主”, “上帝”, “上主”, “Yahweh”, “Jehovah”, “雅威”, “耶和華”, “Al Shaddai”, “Almighty God”, “全能的天主”, “神”, etc., He is still the same God.

Though each of us might describe Him differently, that doesn’t mean He is different. For example, there is a person A, we don’t know his name. And Jack knows A, Jack says A is a good man. And John also knows A, John doesn’t say that A is good, but A is kind and friendly. And James said A is not good. Though they describe A differently, A is still A.

Then how do we know this God is the same God? [In my opinion,] since we acknowledge that He is the supreme being, who created the heaven and earth, and the Creator is the God we know.

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