Novena to Saint Jude

When my father was in the hospital, I prayed the novena to St Jude.

1st day of the novena, all of us thought that he was getting well. But he looked very sleepy those days.
2nd day of the novena, my father suddenly left lung collapsed, and doctor said that the brain would have some damage. And he was unconscious.
3rd day of the novena, at the morning about 4.00 am, my father’s blood pressure suddenly dropped down. And doctors used dopamine to control his blood pressure. He needed the ventilator for breathing. And doctors said that he got pneumonia. He was still unconscious.
4th day of the novena, he became conscious.
5th day of the novena, he did not use ventilator.
6th day of the novena, about 3.00 am, his SpO2 (oxygen) dropped. He could not breathe by his own. The nurses used ambubag to help him to breathe. Once there was no ambubagging, his SpO2 will drop immediately. This happened until 7.00 am, the ventilator was used to support his breathing.
7th day of the novena, he was sent to ICU.
8th day of the novena, he looked better, but sad.
Last day of the novena, he looked better.

I found the prayer to St Jude from this website: here.

During the days of novena, though my father faced a lot of dangers, he still survives until now. Praise to the Lord. And thanks to St Jude.

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