Convert MHT file encoded with base64 to quoted-printable encoding

These days, I learnt and wrote a Python script.

There are a lot of addons (extension) that are not compatible with Firefox 3, and this includes Mozilla Archive Format. Because of this, I need to use UnMHT. However, as what I had said, UnMHT will encode all the text into base64 encoding.

When I search MSDN library, and I always save the webpage in printer friendly version. And the printer friendly version will always pop up a printing dialog. This is because of the javascript function, “window.print()“. Therefore, I always delete the javascript manually after downloading the webpage.

Because of base64 encoding, I cannot find “window.print()” easily. So, I decided to write a Python script to convert base64 encoding to quoted-printable encoding, at the same time I can also learn this programming language (because I never touched it before).

Finally, a commandline is written. And I convert the python script into exe file. The commandline can only convert only a single file. Actually this is written to solve my own problem. If you want, you can download it:
mht_encode_convert.rar [2M]

Note: I didn’t try to use the program to convert other MHT file, but only the MHT file saved by UnMHT. Therefore, I don’t know the other MHT file will be corrupted or not.

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