Diencephalon 間腦

If I never heard it, I don’t know; if I never see it, I don’t believe.

My relative’s child, attended a course. That course can help the children to open their “diencephalon” (middle brain, or inter brain). Why open it? When the children are blindfolded, they still can “see”.
We asked the girl to demonstrate the ability: we blindfolded her. Then, put a lot of blue and read small balls inside a box. Then we asked her to take out all red balls. She could take them out. Not only that, we used a children book, which contains a lot of picture with english name, and randomly opened a page, put in front of her, she touched, and she knew what is the picture, even the colour. She was still blindfolded.

Too mysterious. Asked her how she knew, she said she can “see”. But, if we blocked her forehead and above her forehead, she said she “cannot see”.

Too mysterious, cannot understand. And they say the course is for children only. And I heard that, adults cannot open their “diencephalon” like children.

可以瀏覽/Can visit the official site:
官方網站Genius Mind Consultancy

(以上視頻我還沒看過/Above video I haven’t watched)

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