AVG 8.0 review

Just installed AVG 8.0 recently. The interface has a great change. Besides that, a feature I like most, which AVG 7 doesn’t have, that is “Exceptions”. That is a feature, which you can add in the path or files, that you know there are threats, but you still want them remain in your computer.

This feature is very good. Because sometimes, I want to run a program, but AVG 7 Resident Shield will protect the computer to run the program. In order to continue running the program, I need to turn off Resident Shield. However, doing this is dangerous, because the whole Resident Shield is turned off. With this “exceptions” feature, Resident Shield is still running and protection is still going on, and I can run the program I want.

About the Anti-Spyware feature, I don’t have any comment. Because I also installed other spyware protection software.


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