Musou Orochi: Lubu’s item 無雙大蛇:呂布道具

Finally, all the images in the gallery are opened. The most difficult image, should be the image that needs Lubu’s item. Because, Wu’s final chapter extra, the soldiers are too few. Even more, we need to use Lubu to kill 1000 men within 9 minutes. It is too difficult. Some people suggest use 2 players, the sum of both players killing number is 1000 can invoke the item. However, I think that the soldiers are too few, if 1 person play 2 players more, also trouble some. So, I use the other way, that is “save-load technique” (SL technique). Finally, almost finish using 9 minutes, I killed 1000 men.

Actually, if using SL technique, it is easy. The most important thing is patience. When we see a group of enemies in front, go to slash 2 or 3 times (you can also use charge attack), as far as possible before the enemies falling down and disappeared, immediately save-load, some enemies might still be there. The more you save-load, the more effective. Therefore, this can shorten the time to find the enemy. Even more, if the enemies are many, slash several times, can kill about 10. However, if you spend more time on a place, the enemies will become less and less. So, you still need to ride the horse to find the enemy. As a conclusion, I used this SL technique once, and get the item. But, my Lubu’s weapon element, there is a “thunder” which is level 10. I don’t know whether this affect the result or not.

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