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Medical and fate

When I was taking care of my father in the hospital, I got some questions.

If the medical technology of today, can preserve a person from death, what will be going on? Are human beings really want to live as long as possible in this world?

If the medical technology of today, can preserve a person from dying, but because of carelessness of family members, nurses and doctors, a patient was died. What does it mean? Are we going to accuse the family members or nurses or doctors? I don’t think we should accuse them if the accident is really happened. Because what is happened, is happened. If we accuse someone can change the situation (I mean, the patient will resurrect), then we should accuse someone.

Even though the medical treatment is very good, someone is still dying, because of other factors. This is not what we can control now, or may be forever. The fate calls someone to leave, then someone must leave.


About Allen Choong

A cognitive science student, a programmer, a philosopher, a Catholic.

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