Diencephalon assumption

According to Shichida Makoto (七田真), adults’ brain wave is different from children’s brain wave [Click here to read more (chinese)]. That is why adult cannot use diencephalon to perceive like a child.

The followings are my opinions and assumptions.

1. When we were young, we might use the diencephalon (middle brain) to perceive. However, because most of the time, we are using the basic five sensory systems. Later by later, we didn’t use the diencephalon to sense or to perceive. Then we forgot how to use it anymore, or the diencephalon cannot function like before because it is weaker and weaker. Just like if we never do the physical exercise, our body becomes weak.

2. May be, diencephalon is still functioning, and still sensing. However, because of the perceptual organisation, we cannot give the meaning what we had sensed. Because since we are adult, we have a lot of knowledge in our mind.
For example:
If you understand chinese characters, surely each character provides meaning to you. For those who don’t know chinese characters, these characters just like images with some strokes to them. For those who know chinese characters, they cannot pretend to not understand, because they already understand these characters.

3. Similar to the first assumption. We don’t know how to pay attention to the diencephalon. For example, when we are listening to the music, we might close the eyes and pay attention to what we are listening. But, when we are focus in doing calculation of a difficult mathematics, and someone is calling you, you might not heard it. But your audio sensory is still functioning. So, our diencephalon might still functioning, but we don’t know how to pay attention to the sensory input of the diencephalon. Our brain may be processing too much on other sensory inputs.

Just some questions, why most of the humans cannot use diencephalon? Is this the ability which needs to be surpressed innately due to some reasons? So, is it really good to use the diencephalon to perceive?

I am interested in qigong (氣功). And I read some books, said that meditation (靜坐) can open the inner power (人體潛能, don’t know how to translate). This includes open the eye of the forehead (開天眼). Maybe the eye of the forehead is just the diencephalon. So, I still think that, the adults are possible to use the diencephalon to perceive like children.

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