Best free offline browser

When I wanted to find a free offline browser (or website copier, website grabber, website ripper), what I found is HTTrack. They said it is the best offline browser. I tried to use it many times, and found that very useless. But finally, I found it really useful, as they said, it is the best offline browser.

Why I said it was poor before?
Actually, the problem was, the website I wanted to grab was a very large site, with a lot of links. HTTrack always parses the links then download. Since there are too many links (about 18,000 files), the parsing used a lot of time. HTTrack unlike Teleport Pro, will not download the webpages immediately, so you cannot view the webpages immediately during parsing. That is why, I thought HTTrack didn’t download anything.

Secondly, since the website was too large, and I didn’t copy the website with one go. Therefore, I needed to stop the HTTrack task. The “cancel” can be clicked twice. I always clicked twice, to stop the task immediately. Then, the program said that the old cache has more complete information than the new cache. Whatever. Since HTTrack has the ability to continue the interrupted task, I just continue next time. However, everytime I continued, there was no progress. That was why, I thought HTTrack is too poor.

Now, I know how to use HTTrack correctly. First of all, must be very patient. Trust that HTTrack can finish download all the webpages of the large site. Another thing, always click “cancel” once. Because, HTTrack will store the information to “coninue the interrupted task”. But, if you really urgent to shutdown the computer, then you need to click “cancel” twice. Hope that the new cache has more information than the old cache, otherwise, it is just a waste. When the parsing job is finished, all the webpages will just immediately saved to your local drive.

Another good feature of HTTrack that I like is, we can update the downloaded website for the future. Besides that, you can copy the downloaded website to any other directory.

Right, HTTrack is really the best offline browser.

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