Some China freeware

Since recently, because of Beijing Olympic, China topic is very hot. Just want to share some freeware from China.

Maxthon, a web browser. Which can used as the replacement of IE, but don’t uninstall IE, since it is still based on IE. Has a built-in download manager. Move your mouse to the image, it will pop up a float bar, and you can grab the image. Besides that, it has also a file sniffer, can download the flv and wma files. Very good.

Sogou Pinyin IME (搜狗拼音輸入法), if you want to type in chinese characters, this is the best. It has several powerful features. You can start with stroke input (筆畫輸入法) by “u”. Besides that, you can also filter the character with stroke input if you know the pronunciation and the stroke of the character. Click here to read more. Currently, the website also provides cyber cafe version and portable version. Great!

TTPlayer (千千靜聽), an audio player which I use to replace Winamp. Use it if you always listen to chinese songs and like to read the lyrics. Because, with the internet connection, it will download the relevant lyric, then you can listen to the songs and read the lyrics together. Great!

Thunder (迅雷 Xunlei), an adware download manager. I seldom use it. But it can handle “thunder://” protocol. This thunder protocol often appeared in chinese website. It also has the p2p feature to accelerate the download.


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