Chinese forum registration tips 中文論壇注冊秘訣

When I was trying to register on some Chinese forums, I always met a problem. The verification code could not pass. Even I tried many times.

我所遇過的中文論壇,通常都會有AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML),所以當你一輸入驗證碼後,就會自動幫你檢查驗證碼是否正確。縱然那裡顯示正確,當我一提交資料,還是會有驗證碼錯誤的訊息。
Most of the Chinese forums I visited, they are using AJAX. Therefore, after you enter the verification code, the AJAX will help you to check the code. Though it showed me correct, when I submit the form, there is a message said that my verification code is incorrect.

After that, I tried to search the information about the problem of verification code. The problem is related with the cookie. Therefore, I tried many ways, clean the cookies, etc. Finally, I thought about the “proxy server”, which might solve the cookie problem. Thus, I used Tor (I didn’t tried other proxy servers). And the problem is solved.

還有一些小秘訣。因為那些論壇使用AJAX,所以你可以打開原始碼,找一些Javascript function。因為當你無法識別驗證碼時,你可以點圖片來更換。但,一開始連圖片都沒有出來,你就無法點擊圖片了。所以,找到相關的function時,比如:updateseccode(),那你就在地址欄那裡,輸入:
There is a small trick. Because those forums use AJAX, so you can open the source, and find some Javascript functions which are useful. Because, when you cannot recognise the verification code, you are able to click the image to update the image. However, if the image doesn’t shown when you visit the page, you cannot click the image (because no image to click). Therefore, find a related function, such as: updateseccode(). Then, at the address bar, enter the following:
Then, the image is updated, no need to click the image.

Tor的相關下載 / Tor related download:
xB Browser


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