The email about mobile phone tips

Once I received an email about mobile phone tips: 1) emergency number 112, 2) unlock the remote keyless entry enabled car, 3) activated hidden battery power, and 4) check the mobile phone serial number. And I also forwarded to my friends.

And recently, I just search about whether these tips are true or not. From Hoax-Slayer, it says that they are partly true. I think it is better to read it yourself. Read more.

But to make it simple, I will summarise the important point from the website. Hope that my summary skill is not bad, please visit the page if you like.

1) “this emergency number may not work in every part of the world or for every mobile network” (Christensen, 2008,
2) Technically impossible, but it may work…
3) “Entering the code has no effect at all on brands of phone other than Nokia” (Christensen, 2008,
4) “This does work on many kinds of mobile phones.” … “But it should be noted that you do not actually need to have your IMEI at hand to have a lost or stolen phone deactivated.” (Christensen, 2008,


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