DirectShow and DirectX

I use Visual Studio 2008 Express and Windows SDK 6.1 (Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5). Since I am doing some DirectShow application, and using Sample Grabber filter, “qedit.h” is needed. However, this “qedit.h” includes a “dxtrans.h” header file. I installed DirectX SDK February 2007. There is no problem during compilation.

However, my friend uses newer version, DirectX SDK June 2008, and the coding cannot be compiled. This is because “dxtrans.h” is missing. Therefore, I go to search the solution. You can find the solution here.

The forum shows several solutions to compile the coding. As a conclusion, just commenting out the “dxtrans.h” and also “IDXEffect” in “qedit.h” is enough.

Everything works fine. But, I wonder why the file is missing? Is the file so unimportant that can be excluded from DirectX SDK, but still included in the DirectShow?


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