After reading an article, “How Teleportation Will Work“, I found that it is very interesting. Since I often dream that I have the teleportation ability.

From the article, it says that a photon is possible to be teleported. But the teleportation works by creating a replica of the original photon. After the replica is created, the original photon will no longer existed. That means, the information can be teleported from one portal to another portal.

The article also discusses about the human teleportation. This is interesting. Because, it says that, since a human consists of a vast amount of atoms, the replica of the teleportation needs to be exactly precise. Because, one error might cause a grave neurological or physiological defect. You can see, how complex is a human being. You cannot create a human just by collecting all the atoms together.

Next point is more interesting. The article states that, the teleportation works like fax machine. When the replica is created, the origin will be destroyed. The replica will have the same memory, same characteristics, same perception as the origin.

Since I studied Philosophy of Mind, if you believe “Identity Theory”, which is mind equals to brain, that means, though your original body is destroyed, your mind still exists in the newly created replica. That means, if you believe that the brain is equal to mind, you will try to use the 100% functioned teleportation technology.

If a person who experienced the teleportation technology tells you that it doesn’t affect his or her mind, you should know that, the replica is exactly same as the origin. No one can access the other’s mind. So, you still don’t know whether the replica has the same mind of the origin or not. The only solution is experiencing it by yourself. But nobody will know the effect.

I just wonder, is there any other method besides this replication method? I always think that, may be one day, we can perform something beyond the 3-dimensional space.

How does it work? When we draw a picture, the picture is 2-dimensional space, with only width and height. Since we are in the 3-dimensional space, we has depth. As a result, we can draw at any point (2D coordinates) of the picture (2D space). That means, if we have the ability in the 4D space, we can access any 3D coordinates of the 3D space. Therefore, the teleportation will work.

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