How do you treat a chain letter?

Do you receive chain letter frequently? When you receive the mail (chain letter), and read the contents, the mail always describes how eager they need your help. And ask you to forward the mail so that others will know their situation. Or forwarding the mail will help them to earn some money.

Then, what will you do? I am not sure my action is right or wrong. But normally I will ignore the mail. This is because I don’t know the authenticity of the mail. Mail is written by a person and distributed to others. Besides that, the contents of the mail is also a personal issue. No one knows the truth behind the mail.

Next, by forwarding the mail to others, does this really help? In my opinion, saying a prayer even works better than forwarding these types of mail.

Besides that, why do we need the email as a channel to ask for help? Is there no other way? No more newspapers to publish your problem? Is everyone so evil that doesn’t want to help you, and you can only seek the help through email? Is forwarding the email really provides advantages? Or you are just forwarding the email, and think that it is a good deed?

If the world is so righteous, no cheating, then for sure, forwarding these chain letter is one of good channels.

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