Review of SystemRescueCd

Two days ago, I was helping one of my juniors to rescue his laptop. However, I didn’t bring any tools. And I recalled a LiveCD, SystemRescueCd. Then I tried to download it. Luckily the internet connection was good. The file size is 234 Mb (version 1.2.0). And immediately burned it to a CD using CDBurnerXP.

However, I am not familiar to the Linux command. Fortunately, SystemRescueCd provides GUI. So, used the wizard to start X Windows. Then, I needed to copy the data from C: drive. Firstly, I tried to copy the data to a pendrive. But the pendrive did not have enough disk space. Then, I tried to copy to D: drive. But the D: drive is NTFS filesystem. I knew about ntfs-3g before, but I did not know how to use it. The start screen of SystemRescueCd did provide information on how to use ntfs-3g.

Actually, it is easy. Just use the command “ntfs-3g” like using “mount” command. So, I tried it, and suceed. The D: drive became read/write abled. Finally, the D: drive was also out of disk space. But, the problem was logically solved.

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