Free will and decision making

The TV series, “Lost”, is very interesting (for me). In the season 5, the main characters were time travelling to the past. And the story said, whatever they did, they will not change the history. Right, it is same to my personal concept about time travelling. Because I personally do not believe the existence of parallel universe.

But, in the episode “The Variable”, the story changes my concept. A main character said to another, we are variables, we have free wills, we have reasoning, we can make decision. That is why, in the episode, they want to change the history. If time travelling to the past really happened in our world, can we change the history?

Right, the free will is something so special. It is our free wills that let us make our decisions. We can have logical thinking and reasoning, but our free wills let us make our decisions which might against our logical reasoning. This make me recall a story in the bible.

The prophet Jeremiah warned the king Zedekiah to obey what God had commanded, otherwise the town will be burnt. At the same time, the prophet Jeremiah had already visioned the town will be burnt. However, king Zedekiah was still given the choice to obey in order to avoid the town to be burnt. In my opinion, we have the free wills to make the decision. This indicated that, the king could make the decision to obey so that the town will not be burnt. However, the vision which the prophet seen came true at the end, because the king chose the other one.

Besides that, Catholics venerate Blessed Virgin Mary, this is because of her free will during Annunciation. Because, she has the free will, she can make decision, she could say “Yes” or “No” when St Gabriel talked to her. If she said “No”, what would happened today? And Jesus, true God and true Man. Since He is Man, He must have the free will. That is why His suffering is so meaningful for Christian. Because He has his own will, but He chose to fulfil the Will of the Father.

[The above is only my personal opinion.]

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