Firefox 3.5 with some new addons

Just upgrade my web browser Firefox to version 3.5. Because it is 3.5, some extensions (addons) cannot be used. The Google Notebook extension cannot be used. This is a bad news for me. Because the development of Google Notebook is stopped. Thus, no more Google Notebook extension for Firefox 3.5.

Google Notebook is very nice for note-taking. Because, we do not need to bookmark everything because of part of the page we like. Sometimes when we are surfing net, we might like some quotes. Using Google Notebook, we can highlight the quotes, and save it.

Since there is no more Google Notebook for Firefox 3.5, then I need to find a replacement. Firstly, I tried UberNote. But the extension caused some of the toolbar buttons missing, especially Uppity, FlashBlock, AdBlock Plus, Download Helper, etc.

So, I tried another extension, that is Evernote. It is not bad. It replaces the tasks of Google Notebook for me currently. However, I still have not yet find out how to export the notes in Evernote.

Besides that, Sage-Too is also no more support for Firefox 3.5. So, to read the news feed, I tried Brief. So, this is also a good replacement.


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