About the case: "Muslim Men Spying in Catholic Churches "

My friend sent me a URL. Then I read it. And I feel sad for what has happened.
There are several blogs related about this case


About this case, the followings are my personal opinions:

What is happened, is already happened. What we need to do, is to prevent this type of sacrilege happened again. Use the peaceful way. Do not perform flaming through Internet.

Besides that, is sacrilege happened every where? I am not sure. But we know, if we commit mortal sin, we should not receive Holy Communion. Do we commit mortal sins? We also need to look into ourselves.

Next, from blogger MahaGuru58,

They conclude in their article that the usage of such a word as ‘Allah’ in the Christian publications and prayer rituals can lead to some confusion amongst the Malays who might mistake such publications to be connected with Islam and cause problems for those with weak Aqeedah or just learning about the true faith of Al Islam.

We can read from Wikipedia about this. Is there any confusion?

Finally, non-Christians think that our teaching and faith is far away from theirs, even think that we are wrong. We also have this thinking about others. This is surely happened, that is why there are so many religious in this world. So, learn whatever Lord teaches us, love your enemies, pray for them. Only love our enemies, will make us different from others. And we need to know, Truth will win at the end.


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