Managing Firefox tags

For me, Firefox is just like an operating system, with the add-ons like the applications.

I always have a problem on managing the tags of Firefox 3. Unlike the bookmark system of the other web-browser, tagging is allowed for the Firefox. The tagging feature is based on the SQLite database in Firefox.

I had an experience that I corrupted the tag because of installing the Wizz RSS in Firefox. Thus, I seldom manage the tags. And previously, I installed StumbleUpon toolbar, this add-on generated a lot of tags which I don’t like.

And today, I finally figure out that, if I go to “Organize Bookmarks…”, and select one of the tag, then highlight all the bookmarks within the tag, then I can remove the tag, rename the tag, or add in new tag for the selected bookmarks.

I know it is able to right-click the tag and chose to “delete” the tag, but I didn’t tried it because I afraid the tag is removed, but the bookmarks still remain in the database. Because if I “rename” the tag, duplication of the tags will occur, Firefox will not automatically merge the duplicated tags.

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