COMODO Firewall uninstall problem

A very bad experience for me to upgrade COMODO Firewall. The update was slow. So I decided to download the latest version installation file.

Then tried to install from the latest version. And the installation detected the existing of the older version. I was asked to uninstall the older version. Right, I uninstalled it. Then I was asked to restart the computer. But I didn’t restart. (I know, this was my fault). Then I continued installing the latest version. Finally, restarted the computer.

Okay, the problem came. Could not run the firewall. Could not go online. $#*!

Then, I used Sysinternal Autoruns to disable all the COMODO related services and startup.

Yeah, I could online again.

But, when I wanted to install the firewall, it still detected the old firewall, and asked me to uninstall it. But I could not uninstall it. I was asked to uninstall using the “cfpconfig.exe -u” command. But there is no “cfpconfig.exe” in the COMODO folder.

I knew it is related to the Windows registry. But I was not dare to remove anything. Afraid that I make another mistake. Since I could online, I searched from the net and found this forum.

The forum got a link to download CFP3 Registry Cleaner.

Download it, run it. Yipee! Now I can install the firewall.

Conclusion: If upgrading a product, follows the instruction properly. Besides that, COMODO Firewall should have a better design in the upgrading feature.

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