My mule no more eye glasses

Just very happy to find that, my eMule is high ID now. Great!


Experience of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

The ISP in my area just upgraded their system. So, there is another challenge for me to setup my home network.

First, my condition is very weird, the ISP gave me an Ethernet cable. And to online, first need to access any website, then the ISP server will redirect me to a website, then key in the username and password. Only then, I can access internet.

So, the router I know cannot solve the problem like this. So, I searched from Internet and found that there is a method, “Internet Connection Sharing” in Windows XP.

So, the followings are what I have done to setup the home network:

  1. At the LAN properties, enable the ICS, and for the “Home Network Connection”, choose the Wireless Network Connection. (Because ISP gave the Ethernet cable, thus LAN connection will be used. And the WLAN is used for the home network with a router)
  2. Then, the ICS will automatically setup the WLAN IP to “”.
  3. So, the client of ICS (which will connect to the host, the host is the PC that connect directly to internet), at the WLAN IP setup, should be “192.168.0.x” (where the “x” is not 1). And the “default gateway” needs to be set to “”. And the “Primary DNS Server” must also set to “”. So that the client ICS will access internet through the host.

Then, everything works fine. That’s good!