Reviews of SRWare Iron and ChromePlus

I have tried both SRWare Iron and ChromePlus, though not using as primary web browser.

I compare the both software based on my personal preference:

ChromePlus SRWare Iron
Chromium Beta (4.0) Chromium 3.0
Bookmark syncing No bookmark syncing
Install extension Cannot install extension
Mouse gesture No mouse gesture
Cannot play WMA Can play WMA with Windows Media Player
Clear history and etc on exit Cannot clear history on exit
But difficult to empty cache, needs to go to option Easier to clear cache from the “Wrench” iron
AdBlock Plus No AdBlock
Able to disable/enable Javascript and Java Cannot disable Javascript and Java

Because of the WMA problem, I prefer SRWare Iron. But I think these features can all be integrated in future, because Chromium 4.0 is still in beta version.

Update: 2010-03-01
This post is too old. Latest ChromePlus and SRWare Iron fix the Windows Media Player problem I mentioned. Besides, Ctrl+Shift+Del can clear the cache and history. And latest SRWare Iron uses Chromium 4.

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