Trying Ubuntu Netbook Remix

HP Mini 1109TU, Small and light. But netbook is not laptop, the screen resolution is smaller. Thus, cannot play some of the games. That is why there is HD (High Definition) HP Mini.

Since my netbook have most of the software similar to my laptop, yet it cannot play the games like my laptop. The function of the netbook just become a redundancy yet deficiency. Since my works are primary done using my laptop, so I want to make something special to my netbook.

Actually I want to try to install FreeBSD to my netbook. But, FreeBSD is not popular enough for the netbook, I think there will be driver problem. So, I try Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Again, because I am afraid of driver problem, I do not remove Windows XP of the netbook. But try to install two OSes to the netbook.

But the HDD of the netbook is already formatted and partitioned. So, I need to make some disk space for Ubuntu. And I tried Parted Magic. Right, it is great and easy by using GParted. (Long time ago, we are using partition magic, now no need)

Then I tried to install UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) from the USB pendrive. Great! Installing from pendrive.

The installation steps are far more easy than FreeBSD, everything is GUI. Finally, booting the computer with a boot loader so that I can choose my OS to run.

Hahaha, I will explore more on the UNB next time.

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