Ubuntu Netbook Remix HP Mini 1109TU Wireless network driver

The problem I faced on UNR on HP Mini 1109TU is the Wireless Network driver. The Wireless device of HP Mini 1109TU is Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g.

After the installation of UNR Karmic (9.10), there is no Wireless Network support. I cannot access internet with WiFi. So, the network cable is needed for internet connection.

I have tried several ways to enable the Wireless Network driver. First, run the System > Administration > Update Manager to update everything (remember to find the fastest repositories). After everything is updated, reboot Ubuntu.

Then, run System > Administration > Hardware Drivers, I saw two drivers available for my wireless device:

Broadcom B43 wireless driver
Broadcom STA wireless driver

Activate “Broadcom B43 wireless driver”, the wireless device was still no function. Then I activated “Broadcom STA wireless driver”, the computer freeze. So, I restart the computer manually. The wireless device was shown, including using “iwconfig” and “ifconfig” commands. So, this should mean that my wireless device was working.

But I could not detect my router. Due to my foolishness, I right-clicked the network manager icon instead of left-clicked, so I could not see any wireless network. But finally, I accidentally used the left-click to get the list of wireless network. Then, connect it, open Firefox, surfing! Success!

When I tried to solve the problem, I tried to install WiFi Radar. But actually it is useless to solve my problem. Since I had WLAN driver for Windows, I also installed
Windows Wireless Drivers. I had successfully installed the wireless network driver without freezing the computer using Windows Wireless Drivers.

So, these are what I have done and now, I can use the netbook to access internet with Wireless Network connection.

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