Ubuntu Netbook Remix USB detection

As a newbie to Linux, using Ubuntu Netbook Remix gave me some trouble. Because I found that, when I plug in the USB pendrive, there is no response. So I cannot mount it manually, and there is no information in /dev drive.

Search for a long time for the solution, study a lot, read the forum. I found some solution like “udev”. However, I already installed udev, but there is no detection found. Finally I join Ubuntu IRC to ask for information, but there is no solution yet.

The problem I face is like this:
After I login to Ubuntu, then I plug in the USB pendrive. There is no response. I read the /var/log/messages, there is the detection of the USB as sdb. But I tried to look for the /dev/sdb1, but it is not existed. So, I can not mount the partition. So, I tried to use “fdisk -l”, right, there is no partition in sdb. And I tried to use “lsusb”, there is the information about my pendrive. This is annoyance. If I reboot Ubuntu without removing the pendrive, then the pendrive is automatically mounted. The udev is already installed.

After joining the IRC, one of the friends ask me to logout then login. I haven’t tried it. But then, when I tried to do so, after inserting the pendrive, after a while, the pendrive is automatically mounted!(???!!) I also don’t know why.

Then, I tried to plug in the USB mouse, but the mouse cannot detected automatically. So, though the USB pendrive is solved, USB mouse still not yet be solved.

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