Wedding at Cana

Today’s Gospel reading is very nice. And it is so meaningful. I like it very much.

When they were ran out of wine, Mother Mary said to Jesus, “They have no wine”.

This is how we should pray. We always pray to God that, we want this, we want that, we want a car, we want a house, we want money, we want a happy life, etc. We always ask for God what we want, because we think that we know what we need. But God knows better than us. God knows what we need. “They have no wine”, and Jesus knew what he should do.

Jesus did not promise to do anything after Mother Mary told him “they have no wine”. But Mother Mary said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you”.

We always ask something from God, but do we do whatever He tells us?

Sure, at the end of the story, miracle happened. And the story tells us what is the role of Mother Mary in our Christian life.

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