GRUB problem

Playing around my HP Mini Netbook with different OSes really troublesome.

Today, I am trying to install PC-BSD on my netbook. But before I install PC-BSD, I need to make some space for it. And according what I read,

Be aware that BSD operating systems, and hence PC-BSD, only recognise primary partitions and consider any logical partitions as a whole primary partition. Trying to install on a logical partition will convert your extended partition into a primary partition and erase all logical partitions of your system. PC-BSD can be installed on any primary partition; it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the first one. [PC-BSD guide]

However, the following is my partitions:

Firstly, since I accept the concept that “data” is the most important thing. So, I just want to merge D:, E:, F: drives. So using Parted Magic, I delete E: and F:. Then, resize D: and left about 15G for unallocated space. The unallocated space I want to use for PC-BSD. However, since my harddisk is initially formatted with primary partition and Ubuntu in the logical partition, the unallocated space between D: and Ubuntu cannot be create as a primary partition. So, I move Ubuntu partition next to D: so that the unallocated space will be at the end of the harddisk.

Now, the problem comes. When I restart the netbook, GRUB cannot run properly, it goes to “grub rescue”. And I don’t know how to use GRUB. I tried to study about GRUB, grub-install is “definitely less safe, because there are several ways in which your computer can become unbootable” (GRUB manual). I don’t want to take risk. So, the only solution is to reinstall Ubuntu. Haiz….

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