My experience of web development

In web development, one should not maintain the data structure concept (C programming) for web application, such as PHP web application. But should use the OO (object oriented) concept. So that, the object created by PHP is easily to be used/re-used. Besides that, though the web development includes interface, it do not bear the same concept like system applications (application software developed by language such as C or C++, or Java).

Web application’s interface is displayed using HTML. And web applications use a different environment from the system applications, because web environment renders from page to page. However, a system application, there is no page, all the data are stored in the memory of the application. Thus, storing the data from one page to another page in web application is difficult, especially when we are using procedural paradigm.

To make the web coding portable from one page to another, OO is the best concept. Otherwise, the coding needs to be written and written in every page. As a result, all the webpages (HTML pages) become the requirement of the web application. Consequently, editing the source code will be exhaustive, and a application is difficult to be reused.

So, one needs to bear in mind that, the web environment, i.e. HTML, is only the environment just like an OS. The application we built using PHP is only a small application, which uses HTML to display to the user. The whole application can be placed in any HTML page. Even more, more than one PHP applications can be placed in one HTML page. Thus, one needs to focus on the PHP application as an object itself during web development.

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