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Installing CVS on Ubuntu 10.04

I found the following message when I was trying to install CVS on Ubuntu 10.04 with synaptic,

Please insert the disk labeled: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ – Release i386 (20100427.1) in drive /cdrom/

I am not sure why is this message appears. But my Ubuntu 10.04 was upgraded from Ubuntu 9.10 with the alternative CD. Fortunately, I got the CD image. Thus, to solve this problem, I mount the alternative CD to the “/cdrom/” drive. Then, there is no problem for the installation.

sudo mount -o loop ubuntu-10.04-alternative-i386.iso /cdrom/

Only the alternative CD works, the desktop CD cannot work.


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A cognitive science student, a programmer, a philosopher, a Catholic.

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  1. I love that I can mount iso files. It’s so awesome.

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