Jacob’s story

Once there was a man, Jacob. He fell in love with a girl, Rachel. And this Rachel had an elder sister, Leah, and her father, Laban. Jacob wanted to take Rachel as wife. So, Laban asked Jacob to serve him for seven years in order to take her as wife. Then, seven years passed, and Jacob took a wife. Yet, the wife was Leah, because Laban cheated Jacob. Then, Jacob still wanted to take Rachel as wife. So, Laban required Jacob to serve him seven more years.

After serving Jacob seven more years for taking Rachel as his wife, Jacob wanted to leave Laban with his own family. And Laban wanted Jacob to stay, because Laban knew that he was blessed by God for the sake of Jacob. So, Laban told Jacob to point out his (Jacob) wages, so that Laban will give him. Jacob answered him, Laban’s flock was so few before he (Jacob) came, and now they increased so many, and when could he have his own properties for his own house?

Jacob asked Laban to choose those speckled and spotted cattle as his wages, and all the speckled and spotted cattle will be his properties. Laban agreed.

Jacob served Laban with all his power. But Laban, his father in law, deceived him, changed his wages ten times, but God protected Jacob. When Laban said all the speckled cattle would be Jacob’s wages, then all the cattle were born with speckled; if Laban said all the ringstraked would be Jacob’s wages, then all were born with ringstraked.

Laban then jealous of Jacob’s richness. Finally, Jacob left Laban and go to his own country with his properties.

4 thoughts on “Jacob’s story

  1. haha, ajie have read this story to madeleine before, her “little girl bible story book”,
    but 爲什麽突然間share 這樣的一個故事?

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