Huawei E1552 on Ubuntu

I was using Huawei E220, a very old USB Modem. Yet, running on Ubuntu does not have any problem.

Then I tried the new Huawei E1552 on Windows. Nicer interface. Newer is better. But when I tried it on Ubuntu, yes, Huawei Mobile Partner icon is on the desktop. Can open it. But I cannot connect to internet.

So, in order to solve this problem, I tried to search from Internet. Right, I need USB_ModeSwitch to solve this problem. Reading the page, you will find a lot of steps need to follow.

Whatever they are, I just use Synaptic Package Manager, and install “usb-modeswitch”. Then plug in the Huawei USB Modem, yeah! Now can connect to Internet even using Ubuntu. No command-line needed. Easy.

6 thoughts on “Huawei E1552 on Ubuntu

  1. great help sir but i only had one question, what if i dont have any ineternet connection aside from the usb dongle, how am i supposed to install “usb-modeswitch” any advice you can give? thanks for the help sir.

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